TikTok to Create a New Advise Committee for its U.S. Content Moderation Policies!

TikTok is planning to form a committee for U.S. content moderation policies with a popular law firm K&L Gates law firm. Tiktok is growing more and more popular among the social media platforms. With the increase of TikToks popularity, there have been numerous objections to the content that is posted on the platform.

TikTok’s content policies require transparency and many moderations. Because on the one hand company policy says it censors political content but on the other hashtags with political names and controversial slogans are broadly used. A clarified policy system is needed for the TikTok platform which will create a awareness about what the site actually supports as content.


TikTok’s new advisory committee is appointed to look at issues like censorship, bullying, hate speech, child safety, and other sensitive issues. Tiktok was previously detected for violating the children’s privacy law and which resulted in the company paying was $5.7 million fine.

TikTok policies of censorship engagement are again in the eye of the U.S. government which may result in a heavy fine or more. Now that TikTok announced that there will a formation of committee to look into policies of content moderation choices, we can expect it really take serious steps to avoid sensitive and partial content.