Trump cancels all meetings in Afghanistan over terrorist attack in Kabul

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he canceled a meeting scheduled for September 8 with the President of Afghanistan and the leaders of the Taliban banned in the Russian Federation because of a terrorist attack in Kabul in which one US soldier and 11 people died.

Trump also refused to participate in negotiations for a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

“Secretly from almost everyone, the key Taliban leaders and the president of Afghanistan were going to meet me at Camp David’s (residence of the President of the United States – IF) on Sunday. They arrived in the United States tonight. Unfortunately, to create false leverage, they admitted the attack in Kabul, which killed one of our great soldiers and 11 more people. I immediately canceled the meeting and refused the peace talks (between the parties in which the United States-IF participated), “he wrote.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Tunisian bomb was blown up in front of the National Security Department in Kabul on Thursday morning, killing 12 people, including two NATO troops. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that the target of the suicide bombing was a convoy of foreign troops entering the territory of the security department.

This terrorist attack in Kabul took place three days after the bombing of a mined tractor in the elite Green Village quarter, killing 16 and injuring 119 people. The Taliban also claimed responsibility for the attack.

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