Twitter is Rolling ‘Light Out’ Dark Mode Update for Alpha App Users!

Twitter’s alpha app for Android is recently updated to version 8.19.0. This update is launched with some new display settings in the application. A third element is added with two new options, ‘lights out’ and ‘dim’ in the display and sound head.

Twitter’s Dark Mode was already rolled out in March 2019 for iOS users. The company promised that the update will soon be given to Android. Now pure dark mode update is given for Android but for testing in the Alpha app.

Twitter’s Alpha App

Alpha app of twitter is the beta testing program launched in 2013 by the company. It lets alpha users experience the updates and feature which are not yet launched for the official application and is still in the consideration process. Users can give feedback through forum messages if any feature seems to have flaws or requires any improvement. The program has limited space, and only accepts requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. Those who are selected receive a confirmation email within a few days.

There is also a Twitter Beta version which is mostly similar to the alpha testing program. you can become member by

  • Head into the Twitter beta page on TestingCatalog.
  • Select “📲 Beta test on Google Play”.
  • Redirected to the ‘Android app testing for Twitter’, tap on the blue-colored ‘BECOME A TESTER’ option.
  • Go ahead and install/update to the beta.

Twitter’s Previous Dark Mode Update

Twitter gave a dark mode update for the application in September 2016. Twitter first tested the feature for several months on its alpha as well as beta program apps. After successful testing, the feature was launched for the official twitter app. however, Dark mode was not actually black instead it is has a color shade of deep midnight blue.

Twitter’s New Dark Mode Update

Twitter’s new Dark Mode Update is an OLED-friendly ‘Lights out’ mode. The two new options dim and light out have different color shade. Dim mode shade has dark midnight color, its almost similar to the previous dark mode color just slightly darker and the name is also changed. The light out mode shade is actual dark mode. It has shade of a pure black color which is in demand nowadays. This mode will save battery consumption for the OLED displays. Also, it will be useful for users who run their app in lights off or dark lightning.

Twitter’s 'Light Out' Dark Mode Update for Alpha App Users

The update was supposed to get roll for Android users in September according to Dantley, VP of design and research in twitter post, but the update was postponed.

After the update was not made in September, Dantley again posted a tweet explaining why there is a delay in update and soon the action will be taken.

Now, Twitter’s all-black Mode Update is finally given but for the testing alpha program. Official twitter users for android still have to wait for dark mode. Twitter informed that the version will soon be available in all official applications soon but no date is yet confirmed.