Whatsapp’s Picture-in-Picture Feature Let Users Watch Netflix Trailers

Whatsapp is now planning on adding the new feature which lets users watch the Netflix trailers directly on their application. This is great news for Netflix users who recommend or get recommended about the web series and movies on WhatsApp.

Earlier also Whatsapp updates a feature that allowed users to watch Facebook videos as well as Instagram videos on the application. Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app because it just does not limit texting but sharing images, documents, videos are also possible. Now the company is expanding the application features frequently.

This new Netflix feature is now available on Whatsapp iOS App. Like always the iOS users are the first to get an update. There no news when the feature will roll out in Whatsapp Android App.

From now whenever users will share a link of content from Netflix App, it will be shown with a thumbnail to play the trailer of that particular content trailer directly. Previously users have to click on the link and they get redirected to the Netflix App. This is just like sharing Youtube video link on Whatsapp.

This service is called WhatsApp’s picture-in-picture feature, users don’t have to turn on the mode through settings. The latest update automatically enable this feature which lets users to play shared link video from Youtube, Streamable, Facebook and Instagram. And now this list is joined by Netflix Videos, although if users want to watch the whole movie or series they have to visit the Netflix application.