Xiaomi Release the Live Demo Video of Mi Smartwatch

Xiaomi’s Mi smartwatch live demo video and teaser image is released on Weibo. Mi Smartwatch is been in news for its look similar to Apple watch. The launch of the watch is expected to take place on November 5 along with the company’s new smartphone Xiaomi CC9 pro which has 108 Megapixel camera.

Xiaomi has confirmed some Mi smartwatch features. The watch will be powered with Snapdragon wear 3100 processor. The watch will support GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, an eSIM as well as it has speakers inside.

The demo Live video is shown by Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi ecosystem chain. The video showed that the watch can be used to operate the application like WeChat, Alipay, QQ, TikTok in China Douyin, a fitness app keep, Sogou map, uber like app DiDi, Himalayan, and the streaming app Bilibili. This shows that the watch will be able to install third-party apps.

Mi smartwatch demo

Mi Smartwatch users can also control the smart home devices directly. Although it is believed that watch cannot support regular size application. All this application has size below or up to 5MB, which is the lightweight version of them.  This is because as the size of the screen is small and there’s a limitation of storage.

Xiaomi smartwatch is said to run Google’s WearOS or its own customized version of tech giant’s wear operating system. Information about the OS of Mi watch is yet to be released.