Xiaomi’s Vertical Design for Foldable Phone is Just like Motorola ‘Razr’

The mobile industry is adding up with more and more foldable smartphones. Samsung started the technology this year, now everyone seems to follow the lead.

As we already know Motorola officially released the Moto Razr foldable phone. The clamshell design of the phone makes it different from the Galaxy fold. Razr fold opens vertically whereas Galaxy fold opens horizontally.

Samsung is also planning a vertical fold design for its next foldable phone. First, it was thought to be a Samsung W20 5G phone but rumors are proven wrong. Now, some other reports by Tiger mobiles say that Xiaomi patents Motorola Razr-like foldable phone.

Xiaomi’s new patent images are seen from the China National Intellectual Property Administration. The patent reveals Xiaomi’s vertical foldable phone. The company filed this patent in August 2018 which is now approved.

Xiaomi's vertically foldable design

Xiaomi’s vertically foldable design images show a small display while the phone is folded. We can expect this small display will show general info like time, notifications, etc.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone sketches also shows that the phone has two primary camera which are vertically placed on the lower part of the phone.

The patent images reveal that the phone is like a regular candy bar style phone when unfolded. Also, Xiaomi’s foldable phone features a sensor, dual front cameras, and an earpiece with o bezels on the display.

Xiaomi was also reported to be working on a dual folding phone. So it is to see which design will be followed by the company, phone with flexible display that folds vertically or dual folds phone.