ZTE Register for Patent with Unique “Punch hole Selfie Camera” Position!

ZTE’s new patent for smartphone with unique placement for front Punch hole camera design and sound in-display technology is introduced.

ZTE New Camera Position

The company ZTE has applied for patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in April of this year. Now the new patent is spotted out by LetsGoDigital with a different punch-hole camera position in front.

ZTE’s Front camera hole size is reduced to the smallest size which is almost not visible as the camera. Its placement is done at the top corner of the screen with other basic icons, between the battery icon and the network strength bar.

ZTE bezel less phone with unique camera placement

ZTE is trying to improve the already existing technology in a unique and innovative way. While other brands are trying to build in-display cameras, ZTE decided to perfect the punch hole camera.

ZTE patent is also spotted with a new technology ‘sound in-display’. However, this technology is previously introduced by brands like Samsung, Vivo, LG, and Xiaomi in their smartphones. Sound in display technology works with the panel vibrations to play the sound on the display.

This latest update about the ZTE patent for the front camera is different from the last reports. There were several reports in July, indicating that ZTE has given patent for dual selfie camera and slider design.

ZTE patent for dual selfie punch hole camera

Now we have to wait which patent is adopted by the next ZTE phone. It is expected that the new technology might come as ZTE flagship model  Axon 10 Pro’s successor. The phone was launched at an affordable price range with latest features like support for wireless charging, AMOLED display, triple camera setup with optical zoom and Android on the international version.

Bezel-Less Display

Smartphones with Fully bezel-less display is not considered as impossible technology anymore. Almost every smartphone brand is working to achieve full screen without any notch, bezel, or sensor. This trend was first started with Samsung’s Galaxy A8s and the Huawei Nova 4 with punch hole selfie camera. Near to bezel-less display, phones are also experienced i.e. Vivo NEX 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Industry is witnessing new technologies and new ideas for existing technologies to reduce bezels on display. It was all started with an in-display fingerprint sensor, now we have a foldable display, pop-up camera, in-display sensors, in-display sound systems and much more. There are regular highlight news on several brand’s phones coming with innovation to give full-screen experience. Although not a single phone in the market is available to give 100% display without any issue yet. But we can assume with the flow of reports, full display will soon be achieved.