One of the most popular launchers among Android lovers is Nova Launcher. People using Nova launcher, are using various themes for their device. However, Nova launcher doesn’t have any “themes” feature.

This sounds upsetting as other launchers have the theming option or a proper store for a various theme but not to worry because you can create your own Nova launcher themes. This might be time-consuming to create themes.Here we are coming with few exciting and beautiful themes created for Nova launcher users. These themes are for free.

Nova Launcher Themes

We all are using Android platforms and gadgets like smartphones. But if we pool together all the phones of Android users, we find the big difference among their look. Different users have different choice and set their look accordingly. Right from the home page to widgets, from icons to fonts, from application to screening contrast each and everything can be customized as per users taste.

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One of the exciting android’s features is that you can design your phone’s interface. Unlike the iPhone, where apple fixes the looks and feel of your phone, you can personalize your Android device home screen, select your screen saver and customize many more things without any much effort. For such customization and enjoying the all-new different feeling when you look at your device, all you need is a launcher. A launcher is an app that modifies the design and feature of your phone without making any permanent change.

Nova Launcher Themes

Continue to read to know more about free Nova launcher themes. These free Nova launcher themes for android will add to your phone’s personality and encourage you to set the right thematic pairing for your handset. If you imagine of using a device with the same appearance every morning, it will not excite you to use it. You can do something about that with Nova launcher themes, to get makeover your phone.

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Let’s have a look to some of the best Nova launcher themes collected here by Around Android Team for you to customize your phone and its look.

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1. Colorful Themes

Everybody likes colors. Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink etc., these colors are capable not only change your mood but may bring some positive waves to your day. Colors will be splashed all over your mobile screen makes it beautiful. Different colorful wallpapers, icons, and widgets are available in this theme for the color lover users.

2. Landscape Themes

The beauty of mountains and brightness of sun falling into the river is refreshing for the day where you might be searching for something for new. This theme will bring a gorgeous look to your Android home screen and you are surely going to spend more time on your phone’s home screen.

3. Android Themes

Giving your phone a professional android look is possible with this theme. Nova launcher makes it for you easily. It is available in different widgets and color sheds that give you a classy plus exotic look at your phone.

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4. Minimal Theme

If you want to have simple and clean looking home screen, this theme created just for you. The theme brings simple and sweet colors to your phone which will not let you get bored and keep your interest.

5. Fun Theme

Who does not like to have fun? And if it merges it into your most important gadget then nothing is better than it. If you are also a fun loving, here is a fun Nova launcher for you! This theme brings some funky and playful icons and wallpapers for you which change your moods and take off all your worries.

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6. Nature Theme

In the morning, when you first touched your phone and see the beautiful and mesmerizing greenery and feel the freshness of you, this is for you. Getting the nice scenic view of nature will fill you with positive peace and you will get ready for start your day. It contains beautiful and mind-blowing wallpapers, icons and widgets.

7. Iron Man Theme

Superheroes filled with superpowers are so attractive. This will give you all new power to fight and win. Comic lovers and superhero fans are not going to miss this. This is the favorite theme for all the boys and machos. The Ironman theme is for all the comic book and movie lovers who can’t get enough of their favorite heroes.

8. Krush Theme

Krush is the theme Nova launcher with icons packs that gives your phone a darker and enthralling look. There are limited wallpapers available here but they all are quite excellent. Just try and have some interesting changes to your phone.

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9. Greyscale Icon Pack

This theme brings graphically enhances images from this app. They are cool to use and it represents contemporary art form. So if you are an art admirer, get this one!

10. Batman Forever Theme

This contains the wallpaper of Batman in dark and interesting colors. Batman-centric wallpapers, icons, and widgets are available in all new style here.

11. Elegant Theme

This theme has a modern interface and the icons are minimal on the desktop screen. This has a look like of your smartphone screen, where the icons are small in size. The best thing about this theme is that it can work for both the Nova as well as other launchers.

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12. Dark Theme

It is true that bright colors make a mobile look vibrant but dark themes too have their own charm. The dark theme is for all the black color lovers and people who like a professional feel during their mobile experience. This is a very popular Nova launcher theme with an excellent user experience and value.


We cannot change our phones and devices every day but we can change their interface and the way it looks. It is now as easy as our mood changes with its exciting, funny and beautiful themes. Having a good look for ourselves is important but giving a new appearance to your phone is equally important as we spend a significant part of our day with our phones in our hand.

This will change our mood and lighten up our minds. At the same time, if we lend our phone to someone, it reflects your personality and identity as well. Nova launcher themes make it now possible for you to look your device according to your mood and profile. Nova launcher themes bring a world of amazement and beautiful appearance themes and icon packs for you. There are a number of themes available for users that they can try for the whole year and still come out short. In this post, we have listed some themes which are created for you.

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Nova launcher also allows you to create your own different and personalized theme for yourself. Adding your own twist will, of course, add a difference to your style. Do not forget to share your views and comments about this post. We value our reader’s feedback and working on it to correct in case. You may also share this post or our blog i.e. Around Android on your social media accounts to let your friends as well about the exciting features and Nova launcher themes for free. Please write to us if you have any doubts regarding the aforementioned themes.


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