OnePlus Soon to Roll Out One-Hand Mode in Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is a personalized version of Andriod Operating system developed for Oneplus smartphone. So far its been a successful OS for Oneplus users. The reason is Oneplus provides frequent updates in Oxygen OS based on user reviews and requirements.

OnePlus phones are now required to add One-handed mode in their smartphones because of its wider and taller size. Oneplus have become a recognizable brand in the market but is not yet able to add one-handed accessibility mode unlike Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and more brands.

There have been several questions online and an event from the company about OnePlus including one-handed mode. According to OnePlus’ Software Product Manager, Zed Z company is already working on adding single hand feature mode. This announcement was recently made at a Oneplus event. However, no other information was shared about the release date or which OnePlus model will be the first with this new feature.

“We are working on the one hand mode. Please stay tuned.”

OnePlus’s one-handed mode will definitely give relief to Oneplus Users as it is quite difficult to use their smartphones single handly. Oneplus phones are already becoming larger in display size like OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T Pro which creates more need to update Oxygen OS with one-hand mode.

XDA developers report also says that OnePlus’s OxygenOS build phones might also be getting instant translation feature. The company officially introduced this feature to remove the barrier of languages. Although both these features are still in the development process and might take time to reach the audience.

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