9 Best Rooting Apps For Android To Root Your Android Devices!

If you want to make the best use of your android phone and cultivate best out of it, you must read this post. This post is all about the best android rooting apps. There are the number of mobile root apps that are available and developed for Android users. Rooting is the process of allowing users of Android smartphone, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems.

Below are the 9 rooting apps for Android and you can root android device using these rooting apps for android. Such apps to root android phone makes it possible for you to root android device easily without any harm to your device. Root cell phone is no more a headache now as there is a various mobile root app that can allow you to root cell phone in just a few clicks. For this reason, the number of users using an app to root android phone are increasing significantly.

Best Rooting Apps For Android

Out of the numerous rooting applications, we have compiled best android root apps here to avoid junk for the readers and take them to the right direction. Root device performs all those functions that are not allowed by the standard software. Rooting helps you to gain complete access & permissions to everything in the operating system.

Rooting app for Android gives the ability or permissions to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized applications that require administrator-level permissions or perform all those operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user.

Best Rooting Apps for Android

The android market contains a lot of rooting apps out of which we have picked the best nine rooting apps for android. Read the details below for the apps to root an android phone, if you are looking forward to root android device.

 Baidu Root


Baidu root is absolutely secure and is identical to many other rooting apps like TowelRoot, Z4Root etc. This is one of the most popular and safe ways to get root access on your device. There is no need for any computer, PC or laptop to root your android devices like smartphone or tablet. Baidu root does functions like delete preset apps, free up storage space, memory management, boot space, cleanup process, permission check and many more. It is not wrong to say that Baidu root is the finest tool to root your expensive android devices with minimal risk.

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This rooting application is the well-known name for rooting android devices. Originally Baidu root apk was designed in Chinese language but it is now available in English also. You can set your default language as English. Baidu root apk is the best rooting solution1 over the globe as it is now available in the English language. Baidu root holds significant rating from the critics. It is very simple to download an updated version of Baidu root apk and root your android phone or tablet without following any complex process. Conclusively it is the good and safe way to root your android device.


Framaroot apk

Framaroot apk has its own complex exploits which vary from device to device according to its cheapest model and android version. Un-rooting is also easy in framaroot. This application is free to use without taking any burden in your pocket. Framaroot does not need any PC or computer or laptop for rooting. In latest framaroot version, you can un-root your device as easily as it can be downloaded. It can root devices without a computer but your device should be compatible with it. Framaroot supports almost all types of smartphones except some rare ones. It helps you to root your android phone without any computer or laptop at just one click, provided your phone should be compatible enough with it.

There are a number of rooting applications but it is one of the best apps that support a huge number of smartphones. This application is developed by XDA developers. It is absolutely for free. You are not required to pay any amount for this.



It is the very simplest way to root your android device. iRoot also has the windows application. iRoot is the very easy way to root android smartphones or tablet. iRoot includes features like easy rooting, app recommendations, a requirement of internet connection, no loss of data from the device. Like every other rooting tool, using iRoot application for rooting your android device will void your device warranty.

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There are some requirements for rooting device with the help of iRoot since this is windows based tool and initially launched for windows device only. Your device must be charged minimum of fifty percent before you proceed to root as iRoot requires relatively huge power. You need to have PC that has the Windows operating system installed, a USB cable and of course an Android device. There is no need to install drivers but you have to enable USB debugging on your device. After the rooting completes, it will reboot automatically and you will have a perfectly rooted device in your hands.



Kingroot is one of the most popular rooting applications for rooting android devices. This app gives you single-click root experience to the user where you just need to download it on your windows device, install it and connect your phone to root your device on one single click. Kingroot supports many phones say Samsung, Google, Nexus, HTC and many others. It requires windows device, unlike other rooting apps. This app is one of the established names in the android market. It is a device for pathetic clients who need to get root their device but not prefer to streak the ROM.

Kingroot is an application that lets you root your android device in a matter of seconds, as long as you have an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. Overall Kingroot is an excellent way to root your device.



Towelroot app is a very small sized file that you can download on your Android device that allows you to root your device. To download towelroot, you need to download the apk file. It is good to let you know that for downloading the towelroot app, there is no need for a desktop or computer. Towelroot app is developed by one of the most popular developers who has tested many of the apps of iOS versions. Hence there is nothing to worry about security and safety of your device. Towelroot app does not cause any damage to your device. With the towelroot android app, you can root your device without ever restarting it. Towelroot app is the android root tool that is compatible with Android versions of Gingerbread and above. The latest version of the towelroot android app is towelroot v3.
The only inconvenience about towelroot apk file is that it is not available on official Google play store. You need to download it from its official website. However, visiting the official website to download towelroot apk is that simple as doing it from Google play store.

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Z4Root is your rooting solution where you unlock manufacturer imposed security of your smartphone and you can become the master of your device. It is another popular rooting application for Android operating phones and tablets and can be used effortlessly without any restriction and unnecessary ads. Z4Root is easy and convenient to use. This app lets you to block ads on a device and improves battery life. Z4Root has two types one is temporarily and other is permanent. Downloading Z4Root apk is very easy and you can do it without facing any complexity. With Z4Root, you can also unroot your device if you feel like.

Root Genius

Root Genius

You can root your device with Root genius at just one click. It demonstrates features like simple rooting and easy user interface. It supports almost all the android versions. Once it is downloaded, then rooting does not require an internet connection. It is a small sized app that does not cover much space on your android device. Root genius supports almost all the major smartphone and tab manufacturers including Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola etc. with different android versions. It is considering a reasonable rooting app for the android devices.

Root genius requires a computer or PC to install it on your android device because it works on windows. With this rooting tool, you will easily able to gain access to rooting privileges for your smartphone or tab and explore many new things. Root genius is a portable application that you can get in the portable executable file. So if you are looking for the good and simple rooting option for your android phone or tab then Root genius is the good option for you.

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Kingo Root

Kingo Root

Android factory settings offer limited performance and access to the users but with Kingo rooting application, you can enjoy all the restricted access. Kingo rooting application allows you to use your android phone in the way you want without any restrictions. It is free of any charges. Kingo rooting app is the good app for rooting your android device that will allow you to root your device in seconds. Kingo almost works on all the latest devices and Android versions. It performs functions like unlock hidden features, uninstall bloatware, speeding up your phone, boosting battery life, a customized appearance and is ad-free.



SRS root is the next option that we are briefing here for you for rooting your android device or android mobile phone. SRS root is a freeware android root tool. It is a safe rooting tool and can be used without any worries. To root with SRS root, you will need a computer. SRS root is the best one-click rooting tool available for windows computer. SRS root is a smart and easy tool for rooting that can be used free of cost. Using this tool, you can root any android device i.e., smartphones or tablets that are using any version of an Android operating system. SRS root performs other functions also apart from rooting like wiping data, reset gesture lock or remove sim locks.

SRSRoot will be a good experience for you for rooting an Android device or your android mobile phone.


The above list of Rooting Apps For Android is the good collection for you to make the choice of best android root apps to root an android device. You can pick any of the above mobile root apps to make most of the use of your Android device by rooting cell phone.

We are sure that this post will end your search for the app to root android phone. Comment below for any query, question or for sharing your feedback.

9 Best Rooting Apps For Android To Root Your Android Devices!
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