How To Edit & Save Photos Using Instagram Filters Without Posting Them On Instagram!

Who does not want to have a quirky and fun to watch profile be it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr or anywhere else in the social media and its subsidiaries? We definitely need to save photos from Instagram and various other social media platform. For that, we take multiple efforts just to get the right frame or the right angle of photography or the most appropriate filter to get the desired feel and appeal to the photograph. Hence many times we have that favorite filter in the mind which will exactly compliment our picture but it is available only on Instagram and on its utilization we will have to save Instagram photos which only happens if we post them.

The answer to all out miseries is now here we have mentioned the ways by which tell us how to save Instagram photos without having to post them. These methods or like we would like to name it the short tricks are applicable to all type of devices and can very well give us the liberty to post the same picture with the right filter at any place even back on Instagram.

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Save Edited Instagram Photos

So go ahead and learn how to save an Instagram photo without having to post it and have super fun sharing, posting and flaunting all the Instagram photos on various other social media platforms.

How To Save Edited Instagram Photos Without Posting Them

There are two ways by which one can now save pictures from the Instagram, the edited ones without having to post them. These pictures can be then used according to one’s whims and fancies and can be further edited or can be posted when and where required.

Both of the methods tell us how to save a photo from Instagram without actually downloading it. These nontechnical methods are easy to execute and just require some tweaks to the settings:

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The Usage Of Airplane Mode

  • Open the Instagram app and choose the desired photo you want to filter.

  • Make the changes and editing and desired features you wish to inculcate.
  • On the top-right corner find and press the next button.

  • Go ahead to the way of posting when they ask you for description or location etc.

  • Go for enabling the Airplane mode.

  • Head back to Instagram and try selecting the share option and you will see the action remains unsuccessful.
  • A small dialogue box appears on the screen suggesting, ‘Will Auto-Post When Possible.’

  • To cancel the upload entirely press the three dots located at the right.

  • Select discard post in order to restrict Instagram to try again.

  • The photo gets saved in local storage which is not posted but saved.
  • For the normal functioning disable the airplane mode.

After saving the photos from the Instagram these can be further edited and can be posted wherever needed at various type of social media platforms available. There is yet another method to save pictures from Instagram without having to post them.

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By Taking Screenshots

Another method by which one can save Instagram photos and not post them is by taking a screenshot of the photo. This can be done in following ways:

  • Open the Instagram and pick the photo you want to edit.
  • Do all the needed editing.

  • Just before going to the next step of adding the location, status or tag simply click on the image shown above and take a screenshot of the image.

  • And we are done.

After this, you will be able to find the screenshot in the folder with the same name in the phone gallery. This is another method of saving Instagram photos which can be later on edited and can be posted wherever required.


After we have known about the ways by which we can save Instagram photos without posting them it has somehow made us more relaxed on having the desired Instagram filter and that Photoshop feature all added to a single picture. Thinking of the times when you get the right picture but not the right caption or for that matter, not the right time, these methods come to your good usage as now you can save the Instagram photos without having the need to download them.

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These short tricks and hacks help us save Instagram photos without having to download them or being bothered about further editing which we were not able to do previously. Now, these can be further edited and we the needful can be posted when and where needed.

So without much ado look at these methods, use them at your convenience. For peeps loves pictures let us just post them and see the number of likes and comments rising each day.  Also do write to us if you found these ways helpful, share and review the same.

How To Edit & Save Photos Using Instagram Filters Without Posting Them On Instagram!
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