7 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Old Android Device To Be Safe & Secured!

Planning to sell your old android phone? If the case is affirmative, take a moment to read this article which otherwise may leave you in thoughts of regret.In the fast changing colours of technology, it is wise to keep apace with Android versions and the best way is to switch over to the latest Android devices. However, that could not be the only reason to replace your Android phone. There are some key areas that you need to look upon if you are having a thought of disposing of your existing Android device.

This article mainly focuses on the major areas that must be considered to check before finally handing over your device to the person who is going to take care of it. Along with knowing how to remove Google account from the phone and how to reset the android phone, you will find it interesting to delete Google account from the phone just for ensuring the ball in your court.

Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Old Android Device

There are some few things like android factory reset, factory settings, and master reset that will save you from facing the disastrous outcome.“Precaution is better than cure”; citing this phrase, we like to awake the readers who take these key things lightly either due to ignorance or out of trust upon their buyers. Make sure that you are not leaving anything on your phone that will make you unarmed and helpless afterward.

Things To Do Before Selling Your Old Android Device

We recommend our readers to check out the below seven things that they must do before selling their old android device even if you are giving it to your best friend.

Backup Your Media And Documents

Before handing over your phone to the next person, you should back up all your media files. We understand how precious your memories are, that are stored in the form of pictures on your device. Apart from that, we all have a huge collection of funny images, informative snap, screenshots and variety of videos and audios for collecting which you have shed your sweat.To preserve these stuff at ease and handy, it is very important to back up all your media data. You may later on transfer all of it to your new device.We generally keep our driving license or such other kind of documents saved in PDF form. These documents must be shifted to some alternate secure location.

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There are many ways to back up your data, documents and media files. We are here suggesting you the best and easiest way to back up your data.

Transfer data to external memory:

  • Create a folder with any identifiable name say “Old phone data” on your external device storage.

  • Select the images, word and PDF files videos and audio files that you like to back up.

  • Tap on “More” at the top right side of your screen.
  • Choose the option of “Move to” from there.
  • When you choose the above option, it will display all the folders created on your device.

  • Select the one that you created in the very first step that is “Old phone data”.
  • And finally, tap on “Done” to finish with the transfer of all your data in your external memory.

This is the most convenient way to transfer all of your data. There are many other ways to cut and paste all the folders on your computer using USB cable or back up data using any third party application from the Google play store. Another good option is to make use of shared storage like Google Drive or Dropbox for this purpose.

So it is important to save your media files at some alternate secure location, which you may retrieve at any later point in time.

Backup Your Contacts

With the invention of mobile phones, our phone diaries have disappeared. It gives us the option of saving the contact number with a name.We use to save each and every contact in our cell phones. We never bother to imagine a situation where these contacts are lost. To avoid such situation, it is best to back up your contacts.

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For creating the back up of your contact, your android phone itself offers you the option of doing that.Your android device offers you the option to import or export your contact with the help of a .vcf file. Here is how you can create this file and consequently get the back up of all your contacts.

  • Go to the contact app of your android phone.

  • Then go to the contact settings.
  • Enter into the option of “Manage your contacts”.

  • Select “Import/Export contacts”.

  • After clicking on “Export contacts” option, choose the location where you want your .vcf file to be saved.

Having done this step, your contacts will be saved at your chosen storage. Apart from exporting contacts, you can also make use of any android application to back up your contacts.

Empty Your Device

It seems quite simple but equally crucial as well. There is a dark question mark behind the shining mobile technology and that question is the question of privacy. If you sell your mobile phone to a person without wiping out all your data, then it will prove utmost dangerous to your privacy.

It is always good to adopt the practice of deleting all your files, images, photos, videos, audios and all such other files and folders after taking its back up at any other location. This will not only create space but save you from getting your stuff misused.

Disable Lock And Remove Passwords

We lock our phone to keep it away from impertinent eyes and confined access to some of our private data. But when you have decided to sell out your phone, it is must to remove locks and passwords so that the next user will easily unlock it. If you do not remove your pattern lock or app lock then, the prospective user will have to face great difficulty in bypassing the lock.

There would be no logic in protecting your phone as you will already delete all the data before selling your device and for which you set the password. So if you are planning to sell your android phone, make sure to remove all the locks from everywhere so that the new user can fix their own.

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Deactivate Wireless Carrier

It is one of the essential things to do prior to hand over your phone to its next owner. It would be dual problematic for both the parties to deal in. Removing your previous wireless carrier account is so significant otherwise the new user will not be able to activate their own.But if your phone supports GSM and you just remove your sim card before handing over the phone to the next owner then all of this will be automatically done.

This is important for the previous owner as well because the next person who is going to use your device can make calls and charges data on your carrier and at the end of the day, resultantly you would be responsible for bearing all the excess expenses. Hence it is quite better to deactivate your wireless carrier as a matter of precaution and to avoid after selling hassle.

Android Factory Reset

Being an android user you must know that in order to operate your Android phone, one need to synchronize it with the Google account. Whether to set up Google play store or Gmail account, one needs to enter their Google credentials for getting started with the new and empty android phone. There will be no such question in case of the new brand phone but as here we are talking about selling of used android phone, it is extremely important to delete Google account from your phone. Android factory reset will clear all your phone data including Google details. Make sure to take the back up of your device.

You might be thinking how to remove Google account from a phone or how to reset the android phone. The best way to sign out from Google account is to reset the android phone. To find the best answer to such questions, read the below steps that will direct you towards android factory reset and thereby help in removing Google account from the phone.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then “Backup and reset” option.
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  • And choose “Factory data reset”.

As soon as you confirm the last step, your device data will be evaporated from your phone and make it an empty box having nothing stored in it.

Clean The Device And Vacant All The Slots

Having made the decision of selling our old device, it is the usual practice that we stop feeling its ownership. Nobody will sentence you for its ill packaging or loose accessories but it is a good gesture to clean it and accommodate it in a proper box along with necessary accessories so that it develops a gentle sense in the transaction. It may or may not affect your transaction money but after all, money is not what always matters.

Barring proper wrapping up of your device, you should also check twice that you have taken out all the cards and SIM from all the slots of your phone. SIM card carries your identity as they are not only registered but many of your pals have saved it by your name, so it is very important to prevent it going in the wrong or malicious hands. Similar is the case with SD card or micro cards.


Doing the seven task above will take you to the safe zone. You must have noticed reading up that you can protect yourself by just altering few factory settings and master reset of your old android pal.It is the healthy practice to double check everything before handing over your phone because the precautionary mentioned things here may seem small but leaves major impressions or sometimes may create a blunder.

We hope meanwhile discussing things you should take care of before selling your device, you will also get the appropriate answer for how to remove Google account and how to reset the android phone. Let us know for any further queries or questions.

7 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Old Android Device To Be Safe & Secured!
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