4 Easy Mehtods to Transfer Files Between Android And Your PC, Laptop or Mac!

We are in the era where we are more tech savvy and entertainment loving and never satisfied with the things we have with us. We do share texts, images, and files with each other on almost every day now. But we often use the most known methods. If we are sharing some files through Android phones, we often use apps like share it, Xender etc or if we are sharing through PC’s we often do it by E-mails and all. But are you aware of some other ways for transfer files from Android to PC apart from the traditional methods? Here we are going to discuss some of the methods of android file transfer i.e.; file transfer from android to PC.

Android file transfer windows are a very interesting method of file transfer, now you won’t wonder how to transfer photos from android to PC apart from the traditional methods. There are various methods available now which contribute towards sharing of files in different manners.

How To Transfer Files From Android To PC?

Android file transfer is one of the best methods for sharing of important docs and sharing images with friends. Android transfer PC is an effective method of transferring data so that the phone memory is not consumed much. Sharing is almost every day phenomena now. All the official work and national /international works are based on sharing of various documents. As we are now in the global world where everything is developing in its phase and becoming hi-tech.In this global scenario, there is a need for alternative and smart solutions for the work to be done. We are no longer dealing with the things manually.

Basic Technical education now a day’s starts from the school itself. Children of this generation are much more advanced and tech-savvy from the childhood; as they grow, apart from the basic or elementary knowledge they are grasping technical knowledge very fast. People have become so advanced that according to their needs they are inventing or discovering so easy ways or alternative ways of getting the things done.

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How To Transfer Files From Android To PC?

Sharing of files has been the very common known phenomenon, but what are the different ways by which you could transfer your docs conveniently and in time efficient way, i.e., in less time. There are some traditional ways by which you might be doing certain transfer work, here in this article we will be making you familiar with some more methods of data transfer. Below are some methods to transfer a file from android to PC:-

Method 1:- VIA USB

This is the easiest and commonly practiced method for transferring of file, photos etc.You need to follow the simple steps in order to transfer your file from android to PC.

  • First, unlock your android device
  • Now connect USB to your android as well as windows pc
  • In your Android, tap on the notification displayed, this notification gives the information that your android and pc are now been connected and needs access.
  • Now select the files to be transferred
  • You will see a window opened on your pc, which is a file transferring window
  • You can copy the files from your phone to pc or simply drag the files in order to transfer the files.
  • Your files are now transferred
  • When you are finished with the transferring, you can eject your device from the windows
  • Now just unplug the USB cable.

Method 2:- VIA Apps

You can also transfer files with the use of apps.There are some android apps available to transfer your file from android to PC.There are many apps available for file transfer, but here we are making you familiar with some apps, for example-

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AirDroid is an app that manages the android device from a web browser. This app is available for free.


  • You can move or transfer things on your Android device without the use of cable.
  • It has a good and secured feature as if your device gets lost you can easily swipe all the data being remote.
  • This app basically allows to control for your Android device through your Pc web browser, so even when your phone is lost, you can recover or delete the contents being remotely placed.
  • Receive SMS and MMS from your pc
  • You can also see your notifications on the PC
  • Transfer your files from the android to your PC
  • For getting every service you need to be subscribed
  • You can push the URL to android
AirDroid: Remote access & File
AirDroid: Remote access & File


This is one of the best apps for transferring data or files from android to PC. This app basically connects android device to PC. With Pushbullet, you can transfer the files easily when you are online on the android as well as PC and you are logged in to the same account. When this condition is satisfied you can simply transfer the files, you can also copy the URL from the Android and make it paste on your PC and can start receiving messages and notifications of android on your PC.


  • You can see all notifications including phone calls on your PC
  • You can answer or text any of your android’s message through PC
  • Notifications work on both the same on Android as well as PC
  • You can text any message on your PC instead of your phone
  • It does systematic end to end encryption.
Pushbullet - SMS on PC
Pushbullet - SMS on PC
Developer: Pushbullet
Price: Free+

Above mentioned above were some of the apps for file transfer from android to PC, there are lot many, we just tried to give you an idea, you can try much more as per your choice.

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Method 3:- VIA Cloud Storage Service

It is basically an alternative to Wi-Fi transfer apps.It is one of the best methods to transfer files from android to PC.Now transferring of files has become bit easy. You can opt for any of the services like Dropbox, Google drive etc.

You just need to upload a file to one cloud storage and then download it to another device. Now people instead of saving the files in their PC’s try to save them online. If you want to transfer the file from one storage device to another without been downloading in your PC, then you should give a try to Backup box, which basically transfers a file from one cloud device to another without letting any download on your PC.

Method 4:- Pair VIA Bluetooth

Sharing of files is facilitated by pairing with Bluetooth also. Sharing of files with Bluetooth is very easy. First of all, check your device manager whether it has Bluetooth or not. Some PC’s have Bluetooth hardware installed and some do not come with Bluetooth. You can simply purchase a Bluetooth USB dongle, and it will do so. You just need to follow certain steps and you are done with your task.

The steps are as follows

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device as well as of your pc
  • Now look into your PC if it detects any nearby devices
  • Once your device gets searched, then pair up the device with PC
  • After pairing is been done, then you can search for the files you want to transfer
  • Select the file and transfer
  • Hence, your task is achieved
  • Now you can turn off the Bluetooth of both PC as well as of your android phone.

As we know that file sharing is the sharing of files on the network. It is the process of distributing or sharing the contents of files by a digital method. This process can be done by the various methods. The Internet has become the major source of sharing. People exchanges or transfers video, music, docs over the internet. Images to get exchanged over the internet.These are basically in the form of files and internet access the sharing facility of the docs.

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Our motive is to make you familiar with the ways to get your file transfer from android to PC.Now we assume that you are aware of the alternative methods of file transfer, which you could use so that there is not a worry of how you will manage your data or how you can transfer the important docs. In this fast-moving world, we must be familiar with the ways and means by which, we could achieve our task efficiently and on time. As it is a famous saying, time is everything and time is money. If you are lacking behind in the technology, you cannot step with the fast-moving world now.

If you are in some urgent work and cannot do or transfer the task; the only thing you can do is transferring your file to the targeted place and get your work done on time. So, don’t always rely on the methods you always follow or practice. Be familiar with the other options, as they could be of great help when you are in need. Android files transfer has become much easier now. Android transfer for PC is no more a big question now or a matter of wondering.

In this article, we tried to make you familiar with some of the ways by which you could transfer your files even from your Android, i.e.; from android to PC.If we have missed something, please let us know, your guidance will be an added star to this article.

4 Easy Mehtods to Transfer Files Between Android And Your PC, Laptop or Mac!
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