How To Unlock Password/Pattern Protected Phone Without Losing Your Data!

Protection, privacy, safety are the peas of the same pod and are so much popular these days. With the invention of the facility of android pattern lock in our phone devices, we feel enormously at ease and embrace it with wide open hands. Android password protection these days has been much of a need for every person; it is undeniable and rather unadvisable to leave the phones unprotected. Our cell phones are our digital treasury and their improper utilization can invite huge losses and discomforts. Thus, people usually keep their phones password protected.

But with the protection comes the condition to maintain it, which somehow remains unanswered. By changing patterns often; we tend to forget android passwords and pattern lock unlocks. As a result of which we often have to lose data or go to factory reset options. This is a miserable condition as it feels like the departure of all our memories. We often forget pattern lock and always look for the ways on how to unlock pattern lock without losing the data.

How To Unlock Phone Without Losing The Data

There are a number of ways by which one can know how to reset the android phone when locked without having the means to lose data; of the various methods available we have introduced you two of the easiest ways by which one can restore the previously forgot android password without having to miss out on the phone data.

How To Unlock Phone Without Losing The Data

There are various ways on how to unlock pattern lock some of them are with factory reset and loss of data and the rest of them without having to take up the loss of data. We have come up with the methods teaching how to unlock android password without losing the data.

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By The Way Of Forgot Password

If you have the Google account synced to the Android devices but you have forgotten the Android password, you can still unlock the android pattern lock or password through Google. There are various ways on how to reset the android phone when locked. In order to unlock the android pattern lock if you have entered a wrong password or pattern then you get “forgot password” or “forgot pattern” click on the same. With the use of this link, you can restore the Android pattern unlock by providing a few Google account credentials.

This is how it can be done:

  • Enter wrong password number of times so that the device gets locked and you get the link to forgot password or pattern.
  • Press the forget pattern or password link to go ahead to the account unlock page.

  • In the need to recover access to the desired device enter your Google Account credentials.

But sometimes in spite of the correct credentials provided by the user the android device refuses to accept the Google account credentials and does not unlock the android pattern lock; if then two-step verification comes at your aid and solves the problem.

2-Step Verification demands to enter a unique code (received through a voice call, text message or Google Authenticator) each time when you sign in a Google Account, inclusive of the username and password.

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2 step verification

After completion of 2-Step Verification, one needs to revoke access permissions the Android device via Google account after whose success, one gets to access the device. 2-Step Verification provides double the security level to your Google Account.

In order to again get the access permissions to your Android device from the Google account, look at the steps given below:

  1. On the internet browser, go to Google settings page and find the Account Permissions page under the same.
  2. In order to reset the password; Choose and select the Android device.
  3. Tap the Revoke Access button; confirm the action by clicking on OK.

This is the easiest method which shows how to unlock android password without losing data and is most used method too as it is easy to learn and execute. Yet another method has been mentioned in this post which can facilitate forgot the Android password and tell us how to unlock pattern lock. Let us look at the same.

Android Pattern Unlock Using A Software Download

Getting the android data unlocked without having to lose the data; the android lock screen remover is your answer to the solution. It keeps the data restored and does not require much of the technical knowledge on how to reset the android phone when locked. Earlier it was available only with Samsung and LG devices but now it has expanded its reach to other company phones like most of Google, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi etc android phones.

Let us go through the methods on how to unlock android phone password without losing the data.

  • Commence the unlocking procedure by downloading and installing the Android Lock Screen Removal toolkit on the computer. Select the Lock Screen Removal feature from the available options on the notification board.
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Then Start to begin the process.

  • Connect your phone to the computer with data cable.

The next process would be to choose the right device for your respective Samsung or LG device. Press the Next button to move on.

  • Enter the Download mode on your phone following on-screen guides. With the help of this toolkit, the recovery package will be downloaded

As there are separate methods for separate devices to android pattern lock let us also look at the method for Samsung and that of the LG devices.

For Samsung phones
1. Turn off your locked phone

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down + Home button + Power button at the same for a longer duration and you will see the Download Mode warning screen appearing.
  2. Press the Volume Up button to enter the Download Mode.

For LG phones
1. Turn off your phone.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up button and during holding the button plug in the USB cable.
    3. After you see the LG logo release the button, the phone now gets automated in the in Download mode.
  2. post the software recognition of being in the download mode, press the “Remove” button in order to start to remove the pattern lock.
  • Click on remove for the removal of the lock screen after the software detection of the phone in the download mode. Then you see the device getting restarted with the password or pattern being removed.


In the above post, we have mentioned how to reset the phone when locked also how to unlock the pattern lock without having to lose the data. This gives us kind of a relief as now whenever due to a friend’s prank or due to our multiple attempts whenever we forget pattern lock or the password at least these methods assure data protection and android pattern unlock. This time without having to cringe or getting annoyed about forgetting the password or the pattern lock we can set all the typical patterns in order to protect not just our private pictures also all our digital credentials.

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Also being wary of the cyber threats is a common problem during the digitalization of our country, now one does not need to worry because with problems comes the solution and ways to combat. Well, most of the solutions are provisional to Google account access itself still third-party apps are not far behind which keeps us consoled and confident that no invasion of privacy will be entertained and can be prohibited. This is thus the ways to unlock the android pattern lock without having the misery of data loss.

Think of the times when you forgot pattern lock and did not have an idea as to do what, well now you know. You are well in advanced assured of the methods on how to unlock android password and keep us tension free. Hence without much ado share, comment and review our post as to was it helpful to you and suggest the ways by which we can make the needful changes.

How To Unlock Password/Pattern Protected Phone Without Losing Your Data!
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