WhatsApp Bomber For Android To Crash Your Friends WhatsApp. Just For Fun!

WhatsApp bomber is an app which crushes the WhatsApp account of any person. These days people prank a lot by using this WhatsApp bomber. When the WhatsApp account is crushed then, then the phone gets usually hanged. This is a spam which crushes the receiver’s device. This is done by sending a message which is spam created with the help of WhatsApp bomber or spam message is sent in bulk which crushes the receiver’s device. The person is then not able to use the app and also it leads to a condition when it gets hanged.

As WhatsApp is a very popular app and most of the people use it and are familiar with this app.You can connect your friends and family through this app. We often exchange messages or photos etc on this application. This is one of the most popular apps for social connections. But sometimes we configure a spam in our WhatsApp or notice a situation when our WhatsApp suddenly stop and do not respond, maybe it is a prank.

WhatsApp Bomber For Android

As nowadays people are doing this prank for fun sake and they sometimes make recover your app again because they are familiar with the procedure or this WhatsApp bomber and the way it works. You can get this app by downloading WhatsApp bomber.

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This WhatsApp bomber app has to be installed on your device by first installing a WhatsApp bomber apk, once you download, then you have to follow certain steps by which you can do the desired work.

What Is WhatsApp Bomber?

Many of you might be thinking what exactly is WhatsApp bomber; so guys WhatsApp bomber is basically an application, by which if you send a spam message to any of your friend or targeted person, you will get that person’s WhatsApp crushed. Where you can also notice that the mobile of that desired person is hanged because of that app. There are also levels in this. It depends on you, at what level you are up to or at what level you are spamming.

Basic Requirements For WhatsApp Bomber

Before starting with the WhatsApp bomber you need to know certain requirements for this app. You cannot proceed without fulfilling the steps; so the requirements are as follows:

  • First, you need to download WhatsApp bomber apk-
  • Android device(not rooted).
  • If it is rooted also, then also it will do.
  • Internet- you can even use wifi or VPN.
  • You need to have unknown source enabled on your device; this is necessary because then it won’t allow the third party app to run on your device.
  • For enabling unknown source, you have to go to settings; from settings>security>unknown source.
  • Tick on the unknown source to enable it.
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A Procedure Of Sending A Spam Message By WhatsApp Bomber

  • First of all download WhatsApp bomber apk.
  • Then install the app.
  • Click on Open.
  • Select the level of bombing or level of spamming; there are 5 levels but it is suggestive that if you are new for this do not exceed above level 3.
  • Click on copy bomb.
  • Copy your message to clipboard.
  • Send- your message will get copied and will transfer as spam to your desired person.
  • When the receiver opens WhatsApp and open your message, the phone of the receiver will get hanged for a period of time.



Points to keep in mind before sending spam message

Some points must be kept in mind before you are sending the spam message or while you are using the WhatsApp bomber are as follows:-

  • You need to clear your chat history of the person to whom you are going to send the message. Otherwise, it can harm your device also.
  • If you are not used to with this app or you are a new user or if you using low quality of android phone then it is suggestive that you should not go to higher levels.
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What You Can Do If Your WhatsApp Gets Affected

If you encounter that your device has some problem or your WhatsApp has been bombed, then you don’t need to worry.You can recover it soon by following some procedure. One of the procedure is described below:

Procedure for recovery of your affected WhatsApp 

  • Go to mobile settings.
  • Search for apps.
  • Open up the option, you will find WhatsApp.
  • Click it and open it.
  • You will find force stop button, click it.
  • Scroll down, click to launch button.
  • press down the menu key of your device.
  • Clear all the chats.
  • Once you clear all the chats, your phone is now fixed.
  • Your phone is recovered after being bombed.


Nowadays people are very much interested in these type of apps for fun or other. When you Google something in relation to this, you will be able to see related searches which many times shows these type of searches. By this, we come to know that people are these days very much interested and curious about these type of apps, whatever may be the purpose.

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This WhatsApp bomber app facilitates you to hang the phone or disable the functioning of WhatsApp app of the other person. By WhatsApp bomber app, you can send a spam message to any of your friends, colleagues or family members.Once they open your message, their phone will hang for some time or it will crash the WhatsApp of the receiver.

However, it is advisable that if you are using android phone of low quality, then you should not go above level 3 as it can crash your mobile also and before you send spam message or bomber to the recipient, make sure your chat history with that person is cleared, otherwise it can harm your device as well. There are usually 5 levels in the WhatsApp bomber.If you are a new user then keep in mind that you don’t go early on the maximized level. Apart from such serious things, people generally use these apps for fun and they even recover it also.

WhatsApp Bomber For Android To Crash Your Friends WhatsApp. Just For Fun!
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