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You must be using WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, either you have downloaded it or it is pre-installed on your Android.The reason why I am so sure is the popularity of WhatsApp nowadays. The purpose of writing today for you is to share about YoWhatsapp apk and YoWhatsapp apk download.In simple words, YoWhatsApp apk is the modified version of original WhatsApp application. By YoWhatsapp download you may enjoy dual WhatsApp apk as well on a single Android device.

Earlier before android, people used SMS feature of mobile phones for short messages or urgent texting. Now, with the emergence of Android along with the coordination of internet is the destination where you can pool together everything at one place right from household grocery to rocket science. With this, taking the well-being of your loved ones, gossiping with friend groups or spreading information is possible with only one tap on your android phone in your palm. In this line, WhatsApp is the application that you find by default in any android phone, irrespective of the age or location.

YoWhatsApp Apk

This application is, of course, excellent but what if you will get over and above here. Yes, today we are going to share with you an awesome application in the form of YoWhatsapp apk. Yo WhatsApp will give you amazing features in addition to the tradition WhatsApp application. It is basically the tweaked version of WhatsApp app that gives you many extra features apart from the regular usage of WhatsApp messaging.


You will find the unique features of YoWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp Plus.The look and interface is exactly same as that in WhatsApp so you will not feel using any new app but enjoy your same favorite WhatsApp with modded features. However, YoWhatsapp apk download will allow you to change its icon and color scheme.

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This article has been created solely for the purpose of letting our android readers know about the YoWhatsapp apk download, dual WhatsApp apk for Android and about modded WhatsApp.For the complete understanding of the topic go through the complete article.

How To Download YoWhatsapp Apk

We are assuming that you are already using the WhatsApp application.YoWhatsapp apk download is also very simple and easy just like downloading any other android app on your phone. Here is the detailed guide for everyone who likes to download YoWhatsapp apk and enjoying the added fun to their texting and media sharing.

  • The first thing you need to do prior to download YoWhatsapp is to check the security settings of your android mobile phone. It is the usual practice of Android devices that by default they not allow the installation of third-party If you wish to install YoWhatsApp then, go to the settings of your device. Further, dig into the security settings there and scroll for looking the option of “Unknown sources”. Check on the option of “Unknown sources”. Once you do that, you can smoothly download YoWhatsApp and other android apps.
  • You may download YoWhatsApp from any source but for being safe, we have provided the ready download link to it.Click on the below download button and the YoWhatsapp apk file will start downloading on your device.


  • YoWhatsapp apk is not so voluminous that it will take much space of your phone but downloading time may vary according to the speed of network connection of the users.
  • When the download completes, an icon of YoWhatsapp will automatically be created on your device home screen.
  • Upon opening the file from the download folder created under file manager, you will see the install button on the screen. Tap on it to successfully complete the installation.
  • A right tick with the message “App installed” will display on your screen.
  • Come back to the home screen and tap on the icon of YoWhatsapp to open the app.
  • Please note that YoWhatsapp is a social networking app that will require the registration of the active mobile number for start messaging through it. Mobile number will be your identity in this application so having an active mobile number is the must requirement for getting started with YoWhatsApp.
  • To register your mobile number, tap on the icon of the YoWhatsApp to open it.
  • As you open the app, you will be shown with the “Verify your phone number” Here you need to enter your mobile number and verify it to register with YoWhatsapp. Make sure that the number you enter is the active number. This number will be shown to the recipients to whom you send texts or other media. So double sure yourself with the number you enter. Although there is the option of changing your number in YoWhatsapp.
  • Select the country and it will fundamentally choose the country code for your number. For India the mobile number country code is +91 so when you choose India, +91 code will appear in the matter of course.
  • For privacy and security purpose an SMS will be sent to the mobile number which you have entered. You need to enter the verification code then for completing the verification. Please note that it is not necessary that the number should be slotted in the same device in which you are installing The only condition is that it should be active for receiving the verification code.
  • After done with mobile number verification, it will initialize to set up your account. You can choose the name and profile pic that will be displayed to your contacts.
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That’s it. You have successfully created your account with YoWhatsApp and now you can enjoy the fun of added functions in this application. Check out the below mentioned quick features that will let you know what you get in this app and how it is useful for you.

Features Of YoWhatsapp

Below are the exciting features which you wish to have while operating this WhatsApp modded application.

  • Increase limit of sharing images up to 10 at a time.
  • Send videos up to
  • Pin chats up to 1000 chats.
  • YoWhatsapp will give you call privacy option.
  • You can show blue ticks to the sender only when you reply to it.
  • Delete message even older than 1 year.
  • Customize yo themes and emoji.
  • In-app lock for secure access to your YoWhatsapp
  • Can be used parallel to your old WhatsApp
  • Allow copying
  • An anti-ban feature that cannot cause your account banned due to security purpose.
  • Download image status.
  • Confirming call prior to making the call.
  • Send all types of file format like apk, zip or pdf etc.
  • Message recall option.
  • The same user interface as that of the traditional WhatsApp.
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Downloading YoWhatsApp is very easy and there is the only need for a good internet connectivity to install it on your android device. We have drafted this post for the purpose of letting this amazing app to you and to bring the ready steps to download YoWhatsApp.YoWhatsapp apk download empowers you to get yourself register on two WhatsApp account provided that you have two active mobile numbers with you. This is the fantastic option for you if you think to use separate WhatsApp for your personal and professional work.


No doubt that WhatsApp is the best messaging app and the one which is very popular among the users but there is the option to use modified WhatsApp application in the form of YoWhatsApp apk. YoWhatsapp application is the mod of original WhatsApp that allows you to make use of many additional features as discussed above.YoWhatsapp makes it possible to have dual WhatsApp apk on a single device.You can take it YoWhatsapp download is the same messaging app as that of WhatsApp but there are certain features which you can’t enjoy in traditional old WhatsApp.

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You will be going to love this app surely once you evaluate it. We are keeping an eye to track for the updates for YoWhatsapp apk download and will update this post as and when it released. We suggest the readers to stick with this page to keep themselves updated about the latest release for YoWhatsApp app. You may find many other WhatsApp mods available in the android market but we recommend YoWhatsapp, considering its unique and user-friendly features and functions.

For any other question or doubt in this regard, write to us in the below comment area designed especially for your review. Improvement is the key to success and so as we are inviting suggestions from our readers for highlighting the areas for which they feel the need to improve. If you like this post, please share this with all your contacts so that to spread this beautiful app.

YoWhatsApp Apk Download For Android!
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