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Around Android is the place created to provide all the stuff about android for the android lovers and its users. We are using cellphones more appropriately called smartphones where we manage to do our many jobs smartly with the help of this device.

These phones are based on the operating system that is android. Android is frequently changes with its updates and recent versions. It is very important to keep a pace with these updates if we are handling smartphones and depends on applications for many of our routine work. Technology is changing every day and if we will not keep ourselves update with it, we will lack behind.  

With the creation of this blog, we bring users to keep update with android. We try to make available all the latest and recent updates, news, gadgets, applications and games here for you. This is created to keep in view the reader’s approach and attempted to cover almost everything in most organised way so as to proves useful and meet the purpose.

For fast updates, we provide updates on daily basis. We motive to provide correct and proper updates and knowledge of android for user community. We are an android enthusiast site that provides you everything related to android. 

Many of the users trapped in the false information and stuff due to which they have to compromise with their device’s security as well as waste their time.

We aim to ensure the quality front before publishing any content here so as to protect the time and money of our regular and valuable users. Along with the regular updates, we also cover all the popular and interesting updates to ensure the reader’s interest.

This blog is founded for the purpose of updating news about android and related information. We are trying to improve this blog at every hour to meet its motto in the best possible way. Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by the Android Open Source Project and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License. This blog is not affiliated with Google or any of its affiliates. This is completely an independent site and is not affiliated or endorsed by Google or any other companies.