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Online mobile games are a fun way of entertainment. One such interesting mobile game is Magic Tiles 3. It is a rhythm-based game. A player has to quickly tap on the falling musical notes on their phone screen.

While playing this game might seem easy, the tricky part is that you have to make the moves quickly and quick moves often lead you to make mistakes. On making a mistake, the game automatically directs you back to the very beginning.

While playing this game, you’ll feel like a real pianist. The genres of music are so diverse that a music lover will certainly enjoy playing this game. This excellent piano game consists of a wink of rhythms maintained in a weekly songs chart.

Magic tiles 3 apk

Magic Tiles 3 for Android – APK Download

Magic Tiles 3 download on your device at ease. You can download the game with a single click on the download button given. Once it is downloaded, you can easily install the Magic Tiles game on your smartphone.

For installation, go to the Settings on your device. Check for Magic Tiles 3 APK download and click on it. This will direct you to the installation window. Then, click on the install button and wait for a few minutes while the game gets installed on your device.

APK Info

App NameMagic tiles 3 apk
File Size132MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0.4 or higher
Last UpdatedToday

Download Magic Tiles 3 APK


1. Diverse music genres

This special gameplay offers a wide range of appealing and modern music from diverse genres. Whatever music taste you might be having, the ads-free magic piano tiles are certain to satisfy your taste. 1000+ songs are waiting for you!

2. Online mode finely built

With the finely built online mode of this piano tiles game, you can now connect with countless players from all over the world. You also have access to inviting friends/enemies into a room for battling against each other.

3. Irresistible rewards

If you’re a regular player of Magic Tiles, you must be knowing that it has weekly tournaments with rewards that you just can’t resist. It is straightforward gameplay with attractive features that do away with any discomfort for players.

4. Band mode

This is one of the premium features of Magic Tiles 3 that enables the players to play with additional instruments like piano, a guitar, and much more. While playing in the band mode, a player can feel that he/she is part of an actual band.

Rules for playing Magic Tiles 3

  • Tap only on the black tiles
  • Avoid the white ones
  • With each song, the level of the game speeds up


Magic Tiles has some amazing features that make it one of the best piano games. You have to hit the correct piano keys when a series of them start darting down on your smartphone screen.

Till the time you’re playing well, the song will keep playing the harmony. The moment you hit one wrong note on the piano, the song stops playing. If you keep playing well, you have a chance to unlock more songs and also win loads of rubies.

If you’re a fan of rhythm-based games, you have to give Magic Tiles 3 online a try. Android gamers would enjoy this current version of the game. If you become a regular player of this game, you can even win several attractive rewards.


What is Magic Tiles 3?

It is a rhythm-based game in which players have to quickly tap on the falling musical notes on their screen.

How do you play Music Tiles 3?

Like other piano games, a player has to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles to proceed and win the game.

Is this APK safe to download?

Yes, you can download the game safely from this site.

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