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YouTube Go APK is the application by Youtube for downloading videos on your device. Apk youtube go is a great application when you when to watch a video but don’t have an internet connection. It has a special feature of letting the user preview the video before downloading or streaming. It saves the wastage of data. You can preview a few images of the video before streaming or downloading it.

Hit the download apk youtube go lite button to get the apk on your device. Once you download the apk file Install the file from the file manager of your device.

Apk NameYouTube APK
Latest Version3.25.54
Requirement4.1 or more

Download YouTube Go APK

Make sure you enable “unknown sources” before downloading the file. For this, Go to Settings > Security > Permissions and enable “unknown sources”

YouTube Go

Features of youtube go download apk

Download video

You can download the videos on your device and watch them anytime without an internet connection. YouTube Go an apk download is a great option when you are in a low connectivity area and you want to watch something without buffering.

Control data

You can control the size of the video before downloading it. You may choose the MBs of the video and this way you can control your data.

Fast APK with less phone hanging

Download apk youtube go versi lama and download videos even at low speed. Also, your phone will hang less due to this feature.

Share videos via Bluetooth

It has an amazing feature of letting you share the downloaded videos to another device via Bluetooth. Also, it will not cost you any data for downloading it.


  • Consists of all the features of youtube.
  • The user interface of the youtube go apk is quite similar to the youtube app.
  • Saves buffering time.
  • Efficient in storage and data conservation.


  • Only for android devices.
  • It cannot share anything online.
  • Thumbnails can be in poor resolution.

Is YouTube Go not working?

If you find a pop-up: Youtube Go not working. Do you want to close the file? Follow this checklist:

  • Clear Cache
  • reopen the application
  • Restart the device
  • Check network connectivity
  • Check if youtube is down
  • Sync date and time
  • Update GPU Driver

Alternatives of Youtube Go Apk

Free tube: It is a free youtube client for all devices including Apple, Android, Pc, etc that lets you watch the add-free youtube videos. Also, it prevents cookies via google.

SkyTube: The sky tube apk will let you watch the videos without resting any account on youtube, Aso, it helps in preventing ads.

Snaptube: It is an excellent instant downloading application for youtube videos and music. It converts youtube videos into Mp3 format and downloads them within seconds.


YouTube Go Apk is a very helpful tool for those who lack good internet connectivity. It works within the limited data and eradicates the problem o buffering. With its amazing feature of controlling the data, you can save your data and protect your phone or any device from hanging.


What is the difference between youtube and youtube go download apk?

Youtube Go apk lets the user see the preview without downloading and works with a low internet connection. And Youtube does not work with a low internet connection.

Why is YouTube Go not compatible with my phone?

If any error message occurs while installing the app, clean cache memory, restart your device and install again.

Can I download the YouTube Go apk on my PC?

Yes, you can download the YouTube Go app on your pc. Click on apk youtube go for pc and install it virus free from this website.

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