Google Duo Updates to Version 64 with More Features!

Google Duo Video calling app is well known worldwide. It was initially introduced as Google’s video calling app but it can also be used for audio calls. Google makes frequent updates on its apps. Google Duo video calls app was also recently updated with the dark theme features along with other Google apps. Now the app has been updated with few more new features.

Google Duo is updated with a new feature of knowing which of the contacts are more active on Duo. This feature will show “On Duo Often” in front of the Google Duo contacts who use the app frequently.

Google duo on duo often

Another feature update includes Google Duo audio video calling number from which call has been made, will popup at callers screen “Calling as 9876******”. This feature is helpful if the user is using a dual sim handset. This will be the same number that shows up to the person who Answer Google Duo calls.

The third update is made to increase the privacy of the user with the new option “privacy for calls”. Users can opt for this feature to secure Duo audio and video calls to make an end to the encrypted.

Google duo privacy calls

Calls with Google Duo are available in high quality with zero extra charges, but on a roaming network, it charges extra cost. These new features are available in updated version 64 of google duo.