Google Maps New Feature Lets You Control and Edit Public Profile within the App

Google is releasing a new feature for Google maps to manage the public profile directly from the application. Android police shared this information about Google Maps app.

Google Maps’ new feature enables user’s with the ability to fully manage public profile. Users who have taken enrollment in the program of local guide. A new option ‘My profile’ is added in the sidebar tab that allows users to make tweaks. Also, users can see and control previous contributions.

Google Maps new feature

The Google Maps navigation app’s ‘Your profile’ section is updated in a more organized manner. Users will now be able to edit or change the information through the dashboard like name displayed to the audience, display image, bio, and profile settings. If require users can decide to hide the profile picture. Google Maps’ new feature also allows users to opt-out or in the profile sharing with local businesses.

Previously, users had to visit the desktop browser for editing the profile in the Google Maps mobile app. Users were only able to see local guide pints through the application. Google Maps android app update is rolling out for some users. This new profile page update is expected to be the server-side update as some Google Pixel 4 users have received the update. However, Google Pixel 3 not received the update with the same build.