Google Playstore Reward Program to Start in U.S.

Google is going to start a Playstore Rewards Program in the U.S. Users will receive the update in the upcoming week. The same program was launched in Japan Last year.

Users can join this program and earn rewards points. Now a question arrives how can one earn Play Store credit points. All users have to do is install the Google Play Store, then click the three lines icon which is in top interface at the search bar. Users will then witness an option ‘Play Points’. Users who join the program will earn points on each purchase that is made from the app like in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Google Play Points can be used for in-app purchases or also user can donate the points for various nonprofits. More will be known by the users once they join the program.

Users can also earn points by the download of featured apps which are shuffled each week. The participants of the program can also take advantage of promotions.

There a Google’s Rewards app which can be downloaded and used to earn more reward points. This credit point can be used to buy or rent the games and movies.

Google Play Store on Android has four tiers, in bronze level one dollar will get one point whereas in premium level one dollar will 1.4 points. So this is a great deal for US users, now we have to wait when Google will release this program worldwide.