Huawei Might Get Android License from Google Again!

Huawei’s chances of getting the Android license from Google seem to be increasing. As we are aware that Huawei a China-based telecom company was banned to use U.S. software and manufactured goods. Which led to the company not being able to use Google Play Services of Android. There was a special license issued for the already existing smartphone of Huawei to continue Andriod OS and get software updates.

There’s a recent report that Huawei’s ban might come off soon. Donald Trump might be taking this as an initiative to improve the trade business with the Chinese market. This is the same Trump administration team who banned Huawei and its affiliates to the security threat list in May. Huawei was doing great business in market before the ban and became a competition to the iPhone. As the company was blacklisted from using Google Play Services along with YouTube, maps, and more. Some U.S. companies were still selling components to Huawei after the ban by loopholes as unregistered goods of U.S manufacturers or from outside of the U.S.

Huawei’s own version of Android was rumored,  the company might be planning to launch its own Operating system. It introduced Huawei Mate 30 series with ASOP open-source version of Andriod. One question might arrive after the ban is lifted that, “will Huawei resume with the Google Andriod OS or will run on its own Operating system?”

If Huawei gets license of Google play store and other more apps. The company believes it may beat the so-called competition as many users believe that their phones have great features and an affordable price range. Still, it is not known if we will observe a lift from the Huawei ban or it will remain.