Instagram’s New Feature Again Duplicates Popular App, This Time TikTok

Instagram is testing a new feature in the app which is similar to TikTok. According to some reports, the feature is named Reels which will be available in the story section. Instagram’s new feature is just like other modes of stories like Boomerang, Live, and others.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently showed his concern about censorship content of TikTok. The company dropped its Lasso app last year. Lasso was nearly similar to TikTok but seems it didn’t work out well. However we all aware that facebook is famous more owning the popular and if not making a feature of that app in its own version. Snapchat was the first social app to discover story features and soon Instagram than Facebook and WhatsApp adopted it.

Director of Product at Instagram, Robby Stein said that Instagram stories are home for expression for its users. The company is frequently working toward giving more space for creativity. A Reels demo video is released by Techcrunch

The Reels video tool is now available for testing in both android and iOS in Brazil. There’s no confirmation when the feature will officially release. Although some reviews say that Reel’s editing tools are not as extensive as TikTok. Users can make 15 seconds of video, adjust the speed, add texts and add transitions which seems to be quite decent. The company says that after the testing is done, they will make changes based on feedbacks.