Samsung to Bring Dual-Screen Foldable Phone After Single-Screen Fold

Samsung’s patent for dual-screen foldable phone is given a green signal. Samsung has been working on dual display phones from the year 2013. Patentlymobile released a report about Samsung’s old patent for dual-screen phone. Although now Samsung has already released more advanced technology Galaxy Fold and plans on releasing more foldable phone.

Samsung’s patent is approved last month by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If Samsung decides to work on this technology, it would become the LG G8X and Microsoft Surface Duo competitor. Samsung might not follow the exact design from the patent as the smartphone technology has evolved much and users require a 100% display area.

Samsung dual display phone

Microsoft Surface Duo is not the first dual display phone. LG already recently launched its dual-screen phone G8X ThinQ. But Microsoft has made an announcement for its dual-display phone to launch in mid of the year 2020. While a comparison Samsung is facing that its patent has Microsoft’s Surface-like dual-screen. However, Samsung might not be first to launch the idea but it is first to patent the idea.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have always gained competition before or after releasing the new technology. Samsung Galaxy fold is also soon to receive a competition from Huawei Mate X. While the concept of the phones are similar but they differ in many ways.

Next year is gonna be big for Samsung users, as the company is planning to launch some effective devices like Samsung Galaxy series next flagship phone Galaxy S11, Galaxy fold 2 and now the Dual display foldable phone.