Twitter to Release a New Policy for Controlling Deepfake Content

Twitter is taking serious steps toward making the platform more clean and accurate. Twitter is ready to release its new policy to help fight deepfakes. Recently the famous social media platform was in highlights for banning the political advertisement. Twitter is frequently working toward removing any manipulated content on the platform.

Last month, Twitter made a post through its official safety account that the company is planning for a new policy. Tweet contains manipulated media like videos, photos are the focus of this policy. the policy will first give warning and label the content instead of removing it directly.

Twitter drafts a deepfake policy to control the fake digital content from spreading. This type of fake media can be created by anyone with possession of smart device and internet connection. There are several apps that allow people to manipulate videos, audios, and photos. These people might use this media for misleading.

In October, Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee made the decision to develop a plan for stopping this deepfakes on popular social media platforms. They asked eleven major companies like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn and more to resolve this issue and come up with standard rules of sharing, removing, archiving the synthetic content.

Amazon has also teamed up with Facebook and Microsoft for supporting DeepFake Detection challenge. Whereas Twitter’s new policy is not only implementing but also asking for users’ feedback. Users can take up a survey that contains questions like to remove the content, or to give warning labels or to remove the content. Also, users can give feedback directly through the tweet by using policy feedback hashtag i.e. #TwitterPolicyFeedback.

Twitter is running a survey and monitoring the hashtag post till November 27. After this time period, the company will make changes based on reviews if require and within 30 days the policy will make its way to Twitter’s Rules.