WhatsApp Includes the Awaited ‘Fingerprint Unlock’ Feature for Android

WhatsApp Android app is now finally added with the new fingerprint lock feature. Whatsapp already launched this feature for iOS in February of this year.

WhatsApp increases user’s privacy by adding Extra Layer of security through the setup of a fingerprint lock feature. If the feature is enabled by the user,  WhatsApp will require Touch ID each time the app is opened. In earlier times, users used to download another App locker applications to get more privacy. WhatsApp notifications can also be turned to show or hide mode. If users don’t want WhatsApp to send notifications they can hide it.

Whatsapp Android fingerprint

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app, like Facebook it also not have any age limit of user. From teenagers to senior citizens, every smartphone user has WhatsApp. Not only Texting Whatsapp audio-video calls are also most utilized worldwide to connect. The application also provides end-to-end encryption for maintaining the privacy between the sender and the receiver.

WhatsApp adds fingerprint lock for the users who lets or had to let other people access their phone frequently. Users like those require privacy in the messaging app like WhatsApp, where they share photos, videos, documents, and more important or maybe private informations. Now they don’t have to use third-party applications for keeping the lock-on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp users have to go in settings to enable fingerprint lock. Select Account then Privacy section, click on Unlock with Fingerprint. The app might require the user to register the fingerprint to turn on the feature sensor. There are three option available ‘immediately’ ‘1 minute’ and ‘30 minute’. This is the time period for which WhatsApp will remain open after last use.

Whatsapp iOS fingerprint

Whatsapp new unlock feature only supports fingerprint access for Android OS. Whereas, WhatsApp for iOS has two option to select ‘face unlock’ or ‘fingerprint unlock’ and iOS users are also given extra time period option of ‘15 minute’ to choose. Now, let’s wait for Whatsapp to include face-unlock in the app for Android because it might be a huge disappointment for Pixel 4 users.