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Firefox apk is a web browser that provides many features, such as an intuitive user interface, robust security, safer browsing, and easy use of touch screens. Firefox browser apk is available for free on Android mobile devices. Within a single year following its release in 2002, people downloaded over 500 million copies of Firefox worldwide – making it one of the most popular web browsers in history.

Mozilla Firefox apk works on most mobile devices and operating systems. Mozilla Firefox for Android apk comes with a newly designed interface and clean look, optimized for phones and tablets of all sizes. It also has some powerful customization options, including Multi-Touch gestures, tabbed browsing, multiple ad-on, and more.

Firefox apk

Download Firefox APK for Android

You can get the Firefox apk download for free on any android device for free. Mozilla Firefox is not only a good mobile browser, but it’s also very efficient for PC as well. You can also use multiple extensions with this app and make it your default browser to enjoy a faster interface.

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App NameFirefox
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File Size76 MB
License Freeware

Download Firefox APK


Safe and Secure: Firefox can block ads and trackers, making your browsing experience more enjoyable and less invasive!. You don’t need to sacrifice your data for the sake of fast browsing speed. With browsing features available on Firefox, you can save your passwords and bookmark your pages safely. It also comes with built-in security features like a private browsing mode, does not track, and more.

Tabbed Browsing: Firefox for Android comes with tabbed browsing, which makes it easier for you to open and manage multiple web pages. This can be especially helpful if you are using a phone with small screen size. You can browse the internet in a single window rather than having different browser windows.

Fast browsing experience: Firefox for Android gives you a fast and fluid browsing experience with features like Firefox Turbo, built-in ad-block, and more. With its intuitive user interface, you can browse the internet comfortably.

Powerful customization features: Firefox for Android comes with powerful customization features. You can customize your homepage and search engine, manage your tabs and bookmarks with ease, and use add-ons to make your browser more powerful.

User-friendly interface: Firefox for Android is a user-friendly browser that is easy to use, fast and secure. Its intuitive interface makes it a good choice for everybody. You can also customize its home screen to get a personalized experience.

Move search bar: Firefox for Android lets you move your search bar to the top of the browser and place it over any other toolbar. This makes it very convenient to use as you can place the search bar anywhere you prefer. By default, it is at the bottom of the browser window.


Firefox apk is a good browser that has many security and customization features. You can use Firefox as a simple web browser, or use it as an advanced one. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. Firefox has many add-ons that you can use to further enhance our experience. It offers much more than other average browsers thanks to the customization features it comes with. So make sure to download this app if you are looking for a quality browser.


How does Firefox compare to other browsers?

Firefox has better privacy features, and it is more secure compared to other browsers. The rest of the basic features are on par with other browsers.

Is Firefox faster than Chrome?

No, both the browsers almost have the same browsing speed.

Is Firefox Apk safe?

Yes, Firefox is safe to use on any device and there have been no security issues so far.

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